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The EU Faragism + enter the ‘do something about racism’ people

As a response to the media frenzy, enter brand new groups starting the den infighting in British domestic politics. The controversial presence of Farage as prominent chief circus clown has created new cohorts of players.

First there are the academics specialised purely in ‘Faragism’ who bend themselves backward to ‘explain’ the ‘miracle’ of the entertaining joker and his tactics. They write often incomprehensible books and journal articles and proclaim that they ‘examine and monitor’ the rise of far extremist right in politics and its playing ‘actors’ they do speak with ‘acting’ words.

Secondly there are the action people specialised in poster protesting, petition writing, do-something-about-racism people to start criminalise the clown for a law or two such as instigation to racism and hatred.

Thirdly there are the forumists specialised in both 1 and 2 – passive on their backs in living room armchairs yet active.

What amazed me was seeing how comments are  carefully ‘moderated’ and deleted on websites such as the Guardian for rather innocent points of view, how the comment approval numbers such as the #like# arrows on these threads seems to be manipulated by what looks like brigades of shadow workers who raid the forums simply to increase the popularity of certain points of view. In this way, nothing that we see from outside it is what it appears to be.

The euroscepticism has been in existence since time immemorial. 10 years or 20 ago, the same palaver ‘we must rescue’ discourse from academics and politicians was printed out. I get dizzy with how we must ‘take our country back’ and ‘save ourselves’ and ‘save Europe’ from its collapse and how it all will fail, doctorates said in their zero value phds.  Indeed, now that the euro did not fall as it was expected in 2002 when it was created and became more powerful than the dollar, the Faragism was born as an ultimate solution to boredom. if I have some leftovers in euro currency at the back of my sofa, I will keep them in euro as it is a stable strong powerful currency. I will not want Chinese money if you ask me.

But so alienated is a segment of British politics with boredom that new problems are created to spice it up. The activism is rekindled which shows a level of participation if not as electoral turnover per se at least an effervescent movement to show we are approaching an election.

Now that the Faragists, in their advanced post-Cold War and post-communism euphoria, enjoyed the right to travel, live and settled anywhere they wanted in Europe, decided to come up with a totally new European political concept:  to shut the borders back again enclave-like in order to live a lonely solitary life free from anything ‘like Romanian’.

In deep academic terms, this uncanny 21th century hysteria is called Euroscepticism stemming out of some concocted theoretical rationales. No, in reality it is nothing else but pure boredom antagonising now with armchair activism and democratic citizenship theatrical participation.

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