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The rise of little activism: Farage to be prosecuted by MEP candidate

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To be a doctor by profession and leave it aside in order to become an overnight group activist street-beating with no professional tools and a rather amateurish cause is both touching and insane.  This is what the leader of a newly created political formation, the Europeans Party, Tommy Tomescu is doing. In the past few days he has managed to get himself booked […]

The EU Faragism + enter the ‘do something about racism’ people

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As a response to the media frenzy, enter brand new groups starting the den infighting in British domestic politics. The controversial presence of Farage as prominent chief circus clown has created new cohorts of players. First there are the academics specialised purely in ‘Faragism’ who bend themselves backward to ‘explain’ the ‘miracle’ of the entertaining joker […]

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